Looking and feeling good

27 May


One might think that looking good is the best way to achieve happiness with oneself in both mind and body. However, there is a second part to this, which is feeling good. Not only does feeling good allow you to emit a healthier glow, but it allows you to continue doing the active things that you enjoy, which leads to better overall health. As someone that experienced a sports related injury in my younger years, I have found that physical therapy is the key to feeling your best, even after feeling your worst.

Trained professionals allow you the comfort in knowing that you are in good hands, that your injury does not have to keep you from doing what you once enjoyed. It is important to remember that feeling good and looking good both contribute to overall happiness, and that without the other, one will not yield as great of results.

From experience

I learned the importance of physical therapy after reaching a low point in my life. My old injury came back to haunt me, and I was no longer able to do the things I once enjoyed doing. After speaking to a colleague, I learned of a physical therapy Sterling Heights location that he said would be able to restore me to my former glory. Thinking that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I gave them a call.

They were able to not only restore me to how I was able to act in my early 20’s, but even allowed me to exceed those expectations. I had little idea of how important it was to condition muscles and manage pain in order to become a more active and productive member of society. I will forever thank them for not only managing my pain and restoring my ability to be active, but by educating me on what it means to truly be happy. If you are considering physical therapy as an option to manage pain and become more active, I can say from experience that you are making the right decision.

Looking your best

22 May


Plastic surgery serves as a way to help people look and feel their best. In addition to exercise and a good diet, plastic surgery can help erase the signs of aging and turn back the clock a little on one’s life. Some of the procedures, while there may be a stigma attached to it, there are non invasive procedures that use natural ingredients to help people restore confidence in their body.

And while the glitz and glamor of Hollywood can consume some people, there is a great deal of individuals that find solace in knowing that there are things to do in order to help preserve the human body. In addition, there are a variety of procedures in which people can restore themselves to their former glory.

Knowing when to stop

One of the problems with plastic surgery is that people often do not know when to stop getting work done. In most instances, one procedure can help restore confidence, but some people get addicted to having work done. In these instances, it is important to know your limits and to rein it in when too many procedures are being done.

In many instances, plastic surgery can help people look their best, but for others it can be a detriment. During this time, it is essential to look at the work being done and ask yourself whether it is necessary. There is a thin line between looking your best and having too much work done in order to do so.

Healthcare and plastic surgery

25 Apr


This is a question that I get a lot from a lot of people. Plastic surgery, or elective surgery, is often associated with Hollywood personalities and rich individuals who want to alter their physical appearance. And while plastic surgery almost always has to do with personal appearance, there are some caveats.

The most common caveat is when it comes to people who have been scarred due to severe injury such as a car accident, severe burns, and so on. These people often come out of these situations with severe scars that they want fixed with plastic surgery. They have healthcare, but can they use it to pay for what many consider to be elective surgery?

The answer is complicated

As you may have guessed, there is no yes or no answer when it comes to whether or not plastic surgery is covered by medicare. In most cases, the answer is no, especially as it pertains to purely elective surgeries such as breast implants, facelifts, and so on. However, there are times in which medicare will pay for plastic surgery, most commonly in situations listed above.

If you have experienced a severe injury and would like to see if plastic surgery is covered my medicare, there are a number of online sources that list which doctors accept which type of insurance, and which procedures they will cover. When it comes to answering the tough question of whether or not to receive elective surgery, many of these institutions can also help answer that question and lead you onto the right path both physically and financially.

Embracing the celebrity lifestyle

24 Apr


In today’s culture, there is often a divide between people that embrace the celebrity lifestyle and those that oppose it. In many ways, Hollywood represents an unattainable goal for most. A lifestyle of wealth, style, and bravado that most people ultimately will not achieve. I mean, look up what percentage of the population is actually a successful actor, athlete, musician, and so on. It’s pretty small.

However, there is more to it than just the sad truth that you will probably never be a celebrity. There is the sense that the celebrity lifestyle is not necessarily something tangible that we can realistically attain, but may act as a way to live our lives to the fullest.

The lighter reality

Is that people need aspirations in order to go about their daily life, to set goals that they may not physically attain, but can mentally do so. What I mean by this is that people that take care of their bodies, receive elective surgery, or simply enjoy following celebrity culture may realize that they will never be a Hollywood star, but they might be the best version of themselves.

There is always a divide between what people perceive as a possibility, and what they see as a pipe dream. People often understand that celebrity culture is not something that they will be directly tied to, but a culture that they can use to inspire themselves to become a better person. At the end of the day, we all need to live in this world, and any way in which we can do so is a step in the right direction.

The future is here

24 Apr


The future of plastic surgery is here, and what a wonderful future it is. There were times when the risks involved with surgery were astronomical, sometimes to the effect where it wasn’t even worth taking the risk for a prettier face or healthier life. Now, fortunately we are over that hurdle and plastic surgery is as safe as ever. Not only that, but because people did not trust these procedures as much in the past (and rightfully so), now it is much more acceptable to receive cosmetic surgery.

What this means is that now people can enjoy the benefits of technology while also hearing how people’s mind has changed in regards to looking good for the world. We live in a time in which the overlap between safety and public opinion is at an all time high.

Exorcising the demons

With all that said, there are still quite a number of health and public concerns regarding plastic surgery. People are still at times distrustful of plastic surgeons, and some doctors even do not recognize them as people that practice a form of medicine.

Hopefully, with the help of medical science and the every swaying opinion of the public, people will be able to stand up for themselves proudly and proclaim that they received cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day, we are all part of a larger collective, one that should recognize the rights and preferences of other in order to live in harmony.

Not just for the rich

22 Apr

As I mentioned in other articles, there is a large subset of the population that does not understand the complicated issue of plastic surgery. Instead of harping on that topic, I want to illustrate the ways in which people may believe that plastic surgery is only for the rich, and ways in which I believe that they are wrong.

Long gone are the days when plastic surgery was seen as an elective for the wealthy elite. Now, it has become more affordable thanks not only to advancements in medical technology, but an understanding that it can provide health benefits for those suffering from physical and mental ailments.

Thanks in large part to

The way in which we see plastic surgery as a viable alternative to skin grafts or other forms of tissue repair, we are often able to give people the body they want without the cost of more expensive medical procedures. In this way, plastic surgery is an extension of medical science rather than the superficial surgery that many think it is.

Not only has medical science lent itself to creating better ways to treat injury and disease, but also a way for people to get back to their former lives, and for many, this means altering their physical appearance. It is not always as simple as it seems.


What is important to remember is that everything has its nuance. There is always a counterbalance in every aspect of medical science, in which we need to look at through an objective lens.

Necessary Plastic Surgery

21 Apr

Think of all the ways in which we think of plastic surgery as a society. As I stated before, there are a number of misconceptions that surround the topic, and many of them are highly inaccurate. In all actuality, during my time working in a plastic surgery center, I found that most forms of plastic surgery were quite the opposite of what people think.

Most of the work done in a plastic surgery center revolves around people that have been part of a horrific accident. Usually through burns or car accidents, there are times where people’s skin requires a lot of work in order to make them look normal and return to their happy lives.

What people should know

Is that what many people call being “vain” is just a longing to fit into society. It isn’t that people that receive plastic surgery after an accident are necessarily being superficial, but they are accustomed to a certain way in which society treats people that look different.

Getting plastic surgery to reduce the physical effects of an accident or health problem is not only a noble cause, but it is society’s burden to treat people better or stop calling them vain for having plastic surgery.


Before we go around saying that plastic surgery is only for vain people, we may want to consider how we treat people that look differently than us. Moreover, it is time that we understood that most plastic surgery is not for people that want to look good in a bathing suit (most of the time), but rather a noble cause.

Plastic Surgery Misconceptions

20 Apr

Many people that I talk to have a lot of misconceptions about plastic surgery. The first one is that it is reserved for Hollywood type personalities that only care about their outside appearance. That it makes one shallow if they choose to have plastic surgery, and that it makes them a worse person.

The second is that plastic surgery has no health benefits, that in line with the first misconception, that it is all about outside appearance and that it is not real medicine. Both of these things couldn’t be further from the truth. As someone that has worked in the field for a long time, I’ve learned not only about the physical benefits of plastic surgery, but also how people that get plastic surgery think.

Debunking misconceptions

The first misconception may be a bit more accurate than the other, but remember that there are a whole lot of different people that get plastic surgery. To say that they are all vain discounts those that get plastic surgery to cover up burns, grafts, and other things that allow them to better fit into society.

I guess in some ways, the vain argument can be made, but there are instances where it isn’t just about vanity. Which leads me to the second misconception, that there are no heath benefits for plastic surgery. The health benefits extend beyond that of self confidence, but can also lower blood pressure and lead to happier and healthier lives.